Discover my skills through the different projects I created and manage every day.

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I created an online store to sell my pictures. I'm managing the orders myself and working closely with Photorotation to print them. If possible, I like to deliver the orders personally. It allows me to meet my customers and connect with them.

Skills acquired: Photography, Webdesign, e-commerce, digital marketing, CRM

Link to my print shop

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It's then backed up by a website loaded with diverse Photoshop tutorials and guides which helps 1000 visitors a day on average.

As a team with Diogo Sampaio, we collaborate with diverse brands to organize contests for digital artists.

Skills acquired: Webdesign, SEO, social media management  

@learn__photoshop (Instagram) - learn-photoshop.club (the website)

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Travel Couples was firstly born through an Instagram page. Its mains goal is to inspire young couples to travel and find romantic destinations to explore.

It's also backed up with a website where I share free Lightroom presets and travel guides.

Skills acquired: Webdesign, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, CRM, social media management

@travel.couples (Instagram) - travelcouples.guide (the website)

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Hivan is a website focus on van life where you can find a ton of info, advice, and guides about this lifestyle.

It's generating an income thanks to ads and affiliate marketing.

Skills acquired: Affiliate marketing, SEO


If my profile got your attention and you'd like to connect with me, feel free to write me an email.

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